The Earth Justice

As the earth and ecology face onslaught of human activities, judicial forums across the world have come to the aid of environment, in the interest of Justice to all the inhabitants of the planet.


Judicial and legal interventions have catapulted Environment Jurisprudence to new heights as different paradigms emerge, globally, as a collective action to tackle the degradation of the environment.


The Supreme Court of India, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) and various High Courts across India, by expanding the Scope of the Constitution in the course of exercising both their Original as well as Appellate Jurisdiction, have rendered historical and far-reaching pronouncements that have completely altered the mindsets, viewpoints, courses of action, legal responses and opened new plethora of legal remedies to correct the legal wrongs perpetrated on the environment.


Every day, Indian courts deal with hundreds of cases on environment, forests, wildlife,  biodiversity, air, land and water issues, passing Orders and Judgments, having substantial bearing on the ecology and landscapes of the country. However, most of them go unreported.


Earth Justice intends to empower the citizens of the country by offering its readers legal news, information and updates from the Indian courts on environment and matters ancillary and incidental thereto.


Earth Justice would also serve as a window to the hearings and adjudication of environment and related matters by the Federal, State and District Courts of other countries.

Stories from the Central as well as State Governments would also constitute an important feature of the Earth Justice, believing that Executive actions and Administrative Orders often become the foundation of Judicial progressions and have a cascading effect on the prevailing legal frameworks and mechanisms.

We would bring out perspectives of the legal luminaries, policy makers, industry professionals, experts, academicians and students through exclusive interviews, opinions and viewpoints.

In its enlarged version, Earth Justice would provide a platform to the Ecology Ventures and Green Pursuits. Our Nature and Health section would offer stories related to the inter-relationship between nature and the human health.

In a stride ahead from the concept of Human Rights, Earth Justice, for the first time, would conceive and focus on the Rights of the Humans as inalienable from the Rights of all biological organisms existing on earth. We, at Earth Justice, feel that Biodiversity is elemental to human existence.

Articles on spirituality and sustainable lifestyles provide an interesting read for those seeking peace and solace in the arms of nature.

Ecological practices in Agriculture and Agricultural practices in Ecology are also a major component of the Earth Justice.

The section on Unsung Heroes would project the pursuits and accomplishments of individuals and entities who have been the Torchbearers in Earth conservation.

Nature ought not only be discussed but virtually seen and felt. With this notion, Earth Justice would showcase the photographic and artistic works of people on different elements of nature, landscapes and environment.


We hope you will cherish reading the Earth Justice..!